The Rocky Mountain Equipment brand was launched in 2012 to consolidate the legacy brands of Hi-Way Service Ltd., Hammer Equipment and Miller Equipment, as well as several smaller brands that were acquired since the IPO of Rocky Mountain Dealerships in 2007. By the end of 2012, all of our stores will carry the Rocky Mountain Equipment name.

Rocky Mountain Dealerships is the parent entity that was formed from the merger of Hi-Way Service Ltd. and Hammer Equipment in 2007. At the store level, operations continued under the Hi-Way Service and Hammer Equipment names. Following the IPO (RME.TO on the Toronto Stock Exchange), the acquisition of Miller Equipment in 2008 broadened our exposure beyond Alberta and into Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Miller Equipment, also, continued to maintain its separate brand identity at the store level.

Our dealership network has continued to grow since that time as we search for acquisition opportunities. Our vision is to become a North American industry leader through being a dependable equipment partner for our customers.