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RME joins the Kidney March

A note from Garrett Ganden, President & CEO of RME:

I want to take this opportunity to thank everybody who supported me through the last few weeks as I prepared for and completed the Kidney March. There was a wonderful response from a great deal of people—whether it be emotional support, fundraising, or a time commitment that can’t be overstated. To the RME volunteers, you made us proud, thank you! The support and well-wishes from friends, colleagues, and family really helped me through some of the tougher segments of the march.

If you are ever seeking a personal challenge, this is a great cause to support and the family atmosphere throughout the event is amazing. I was treated fantastic by the organizers, crew and medical personnel from start to finish despite the long days and tough walk. For me, I can’t say enough positive things about the volunteer medics, especially since I spent more time in the first aid tent than anywhere else over the three days. :)

The Kidney March is the biggest fundraiser for The Kidney Foundation, but my involvement wasn’t about the money; although that is very important, it was more about awareness. When you are walking 100 kilometres let me tell you there is a lot of time to share stories and learn about kidney disease. One in 10 Canadians are affected by kidney disease in their lives.

I want to finish by thanking everybody for your support, the outpouring of texts, emails, and calls over the weekend event was truly humbling, and I thank you for that.


Garrett Ganden

Garrett Ganden

Going the Distance

Across the network, employees and customers from the RME family have been impacted by this disease. As a dependable partner, RME chose to give back to the Kidney March this year as a lead sponsor on Day Two of the Kidney March, including sponsoring:

  • Quick pit stop for Marchers to pick up refreshments and snacks as they walk.
  • Food sponsor for lunch for the approx. 350 Marchers and Crew.

In addition, Garrett Ganden, President and CEO of Rocky Mountain Equipment, stepped up personally to walk in the Kidney March. Each Kidney March participant raised $2,200 for the fight against kidney disease. The weekend was filled with heartwarming stories from inspiring people and as a collective, the Kidney March raised a total of $835,890 for the cause!

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