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RME's Agriculture Optimization® Specialists help Davey make their Spray Train

With the assistance of Raven, the RME AOS team designed and installed a liquid control system for Davey. The customer approached our team in January with the idea of a new rail based application system. The older systems had no way of precisely applying or recording the application of herbicides on the rail line right of ways.

The system was to be installed in two repurposed sea cans. These were to be mounted on a flatbed railcar where the application boom would be positioned. Sea Box Depot from Leduc refurbished the sea cans. The 20 foot sea can was for the mechanical and plumbing room. The 40 foot sea can houses the control room along with a meeting and repair shop.

In early March the 20 foot sea can was delivered to the Davey Tree shop in Nisku. The product pumps, generator and electrical was already installed at Sea Box Depot. With the parts supplied by Raven, the AOS team began to mount the liquid rate and section control components. Being a custom system it went through a couple configurations before settling on the layout.

In early April the 20 foot sea can was taken to a rail yard in Edmonton to be loaded onto the flat bed railcar. The 40 foot sea can, with completed interior, was also loaded that day. With both sea cans on the flat bed, the Viper 4 display and wiring was installed in the control room. Installed with the Viper 4 was a WeatherDog weather station and a Slingshot Modem. Custom switch panels were wired to the control system. Joysticks were wired to control the custom crossing boom actuators.

Customer employees manufactured the ballast boom and ran the hoses from the plumbing room to the front of the flat car. Once the Tank cars were plumbed, they were able to test run the system with water.

From there the spray train was hauled to Smith Falls, Ontario for the beginning of its spray season.

The customer was very happy with the system. The rate and section system accurately controls the application of the herbicides. The Viper 4 display records the application and is able to upload the application maps via the Slingshot modem. With this the customer’s client can verify the application along the rail lines.

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