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Christmas Turkeys: A Long-Standing Tradition

How RME gifts turkeys to say thank you every Christmas season.

It’s during the Christmas season that many companies do something special to thank employees for their efforts at the end of the year. Some companies choose to throw a Christmas party, host a luncheon or provide gift cards. But have you heard of a company providing each employee with a frozen turkey?

While this age-old tradition has declined over the decades, there are still companies that believe in the custom of providing turkeys as a way for employers to express their appreciation to their staff. Rocky Mountain Equipment (RME) is amongst those who continue with this custom each Christmas and has done so for more than a decade.

“The underlying importance is meant to thank the 1,000 employees who work hard every day to make our customers successful, to make our business successful and to keep our communities successful. It’s a small token of appreciation, which I feel has a lot of merit,” said Garrett Ganden, President and CEO of RME.

This tradition has been ongoing since Hammer Equipment and Hi-Way Services Ltd. were their own entities. Former Hammer Equipment owner and current RME Chairman of the Board, Matt Campbell, held a strong belief in the Christmas turkey custom and brought that with him when the two companies merged to create RME.

“That was always something businesses had done for the people that they worked with to ensure they had a family Christmas dinner and Matt is an avid believer in this concept, and it’s been that way ever since,” added Ganden.


Every year, organizers work hard to coordinate the ordering and deliveries of the turkeys to RME’s
36 branches across Western Canada. Local farmers are contacted to help source the 1,000 birds needed. It’s an exciting time in each branch come mid-December when the frozen turkeys are dropped-off.

The gift is well-received by employees with some of them opting to share with others in need. “They’ll actually donate it to a local food bank or a homeless shelter where it will be put to good use,” shared Ganden. “Other employees adopt-a-family at Christmas and they’ll use their turkey to ensure that family has a dinner. It keeps us invested in our community and giving back.”






There is no end in sight for this unique tradition as the 2018 turkey delivery makes its way to RME branches throughout the prairies. Rest assured that RME’s employees will have a hearty, celebratory Christmas dinner with their families and friends to look forward to. This long-standing tradition holds a special place at RME and will continue well into the future.  

Merry Christmas!

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