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RME Employees Fight to Keep Stars in Flight

When Rocky Mountain Equipment (RME) partnered with STARS Air Ambulance at the beginning of 2019, the intention was to ensure that employees at RME had something to stand behind as an organization. That’s why RME invested in STARS as a long-term Flagship Community Investment partner, to create a distinct focus and a platform to allow employees to give back to a cause that has meaning for them.

In January 2019, RME started the Employee Matching Campaign to raise $25,000 for STARS. Dollar for dollar, all funds raised this year will be matched by RME—if all goes according to plan, a cheque will be presented to STARS for upwards of $50,000 at the end of 2019.

If you are not familiar with STARS, they provide life-saving care for those in desperate need of medical attention using a fleet of cutting-edge helicopters to fly thousands of missions each year. STARS operates six air bases located in Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Regina, Grande Prairie, Edmonton, and Calgary—reaching almost every corner of RME’s network. As many of our customers and employees know, STARS acts as a security blanket for many rural communities which are not easily accessible or near to hospitals. They operate critical care missions only STARS is trained to perform.

Where will this $50,000 go? All funds raised throughout the year will be split amongst Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba STARS air bases in support of Mission Operations to ensure the dispatch team and crew have top-notch training and tools needed to respond to calls 24/7. This campaign has sparked a grassroots, employee-led movement across RME’s network of branches to fundraise for STARS and increase the overall fundraising impact. In Lethbridge, a lunch was organized with many food items, supplies and time generously donated by employees to bring the local event to life. That one lunch alone raised $650. In another area of the RME network, a group of RME’s Service Managers started an internal challenge to raise funds. With half of 2019 still remaining, RME anticipates its employees will come up with

many other creative fundraising opportunities to build on this inspiring momentum. RME is proud to be a long-term supporter of STARS and is equally thrilled to see employees aid this important cause to keep the fight in flight. Learn more about our commitment to STARS, visit

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