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Save money without sacrificing quality with remanufactured parts

Remanufactured parts and components are a great way to save time and money without sacrificing quality.  Remanufactured parts aren’t just parts that have been repaired, they are built to meet or exceed original OEM specifications, and are usually backed by a warranty that in some cases is better than new warranty coverage.

One of the biggest advantages of remanufactured parts is cost. Remanufactured parts cost significantly less than new. Instead of having a machine out of service while waiting for a component to be rebuilt, you can buy a ready-to-install remanufactured component and have it installed immediately upon receipt. Some of today’s most common remanufactured parts include engines for both newer and legacy models, axles, clutches, transmissions, fuel pumps and fuel injectors, hydraulic pumps, cylinders and motors, starters, alternators, and electrical components.

The return to "like-new" condition is what makes remanufactured products a greater value than those that are repaired or rebuilt as there are distinct differences in the way in which each is handled. When a part is repaired it has only been repaired to its point of failure – so there is a possibility that whatever caused the malfunction might actually originate from a source further in the part’s system where failure isn’t immediately indicated.  The problem with this approach is that the defect will usually cause the same failure at a later date. With remanufacturing, however, the existing part (the core) is entirely disassembled and thoroughly inspected. The worn parts such as gaskets and O-rings are discarded and replaced with new. All of the components are meticulously cleaned and those that need further work are machined and verified to OEM specifications. The components are then assembled using precise work instructions according to OEM specifications. Finally, the assembled part is once again tested to ensure it meets OEM performance requirements. The remanufacturing process virtually eliminates all of the possible defects within a part and ensures you get a superior product. When you consider the vast difference between a repaired part and a remanufactured part, you can begin to appreciate why so many machine owners and service technicians prefer the Reman option.

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