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Choose Your Accuracy; AFS Delivers with Technology

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Whether your operation requires sub-inch accuracy, reliable year-to-year repeatability, or simply fast, dependable guidance and data gathering, Case IH Advanced Farming Systems lets you customize your precision farming technology precisely to your needs and objectives.​​​​

Here’s How AFS RTK+ Works

  • ​A co​nnection is made between the satellites, your vehicle and the AFS RTK+ network
  • ​The information goes back to a central server that analyzes the data
  • The correction is sent to your vehicle instantly via the cellular networks, which provides sub-inch accuracy
  • Wherever you are, the correction is calculated from the surrounding network stations

Maximum Accuracy, Consistently

The technology behind AFS RTK+, along with the density of our network stations, helps ensure outstanding accuracy you can count on, from spring tillage and pre-plant applications through planting and side-dressing nitrogen, all the way through harvest and fall fieldwork. Consider the benefits:​

  • High accuracy and availability in North America
  • Fast connections everywhere and at any time
  • Flexibility in a single subscription for unlimited access, compatible with all hardware
  • Efficiency in all your farming tasks (seeding, fertilizing, spraying) thanks to the sub-inch accuracy of the signal
  • Simplicity of a single contact for your hardware and correction signal
  • Quality and reliability backed by the Case IH support team​

AFS RTK+ Benefits

Here’s What AFS RTK+ Can Bring to Your Farm

  • Cellular RTK+ guidance correction signals alleviate problems associated with traditional radio-delivered RTK, including line-of-sight issues — hills, valleys, trees, buildings or other structures.  Case IH AFS RTK+ is available via a network subscription through your local Case IH dealer. ​​
    • ​Extend the travel distance from your cellular base while maintaining sub-inch accuracy
    • Reduce applications overlaps and skips and improve ferti​lizer and herbicide placement
    • Keep tire tracks on the same path and reduce compaction​

    Complete Mobility

    The AFS RTK+ mobile application proves the ultimate level of accessibility and control.​

    • Download for Android and iOS
    • View live statuses of reference stations and rovers 
    • Zoom on a specific rover or reference station
    • See list mode for active rovers and filter by status (RTK fixed, RTK float, DGPS, etc.)

    At the Top of Technology

    ​​When you put
    AFS RTK+ to work on your operation, you can trust you’re achieving maximum efficiency through the most advanced technology available. 

    • Achieve maximum accuracy with the AFS RTK+​ network
    • Get an accurate signal in all conditions
    • Continue operation even if the signal is weak or interrupted with xFill®​ technology, which backs up the RTK signal

Choose the Level of Accuracy That’s Right for You

Choose the Level of Accuracy That’s Right for You

​​Not every farm or farming application requires pinpoint sub-inch accuracy.
Case IH lets you decide the level of accuracy that fits the way you farm and your operation’s goals. Whether you need a high, medium or low level of precision, we can help you select the best option. 

Sub-inch accuracy is ideal for strip-till or for maintaining consistent wheel traffic across fields season after season, year after year. In many applications, such as seeding or harvesting cereal grains, spreading dry fertilizer or tillage, 3- to 5-inch (medium) accuracy provides an appropriate level of overlap management. When accuracy and repeatability aren’t the driving factors for adding precision technology to your farming operation, low accuracy options effectively meet your needs.


Accuracy Defined

Pass-to-Pass Accuracy

Pass-to-pass accuracy measures the relative accuracy over a 15-minute interval. This is usually thought of as guess row error when driving rows, or as skip/overlap from one pass to the next when driving swaths. A Case IH GPS receiver with pass-to-pass accuracy of +/- four inches means you get less than four inches skip or overlap, 95% of the time.​​

Year-to-Year Accuracy

Year-to-year accuracy is the measure of repeatable accuracy that you can drive the same rows a day, week, month, or year later. So, +/- one inch year-to-year accuracy means you can drive the same rows next year within one inch of this year’s rows, 95% of the time.​


GPS Receivers

​AFS 372 Receiver​

​AFS 372 Receiver​

Accurate data gathering, mapping and autoguidance can improve productivity and agronomic performance, and increase overall efficiency year-round. Case IH receivers and related components help you implement AFS technology across all your equipment and all.

The AFS 372 is a GPS/GLONASS receiver capable of a wide range of accuracy levels, including sub-inch repeatability year over year. The 372 receiver utilizes WAAS as a standard no-charge correction while RangePoint RTX, OmniSTAR, CenterPoint RTX, CenterPoint VRS and CenterPoint RTK correction signals are all available with additional upgrades.​


AFS AccuStar

AFS AccuStar

AFS AccuStar provides an economical GNSS solution for producers of all sizes and vintages of equipment. The receiver pairs perfectly with ElectriSteer to add assisted steering to your Case IH or competitive vehicle. AFS AccuStar is compatible with the AFS Pro 300 or AFS Pro 700 display and can utilize the latest correction types, AFS1 and AFS2

The AccuStar receiver provides access to multiple guidance-correction sources ranging from low to medium to high accuracy. This flexibility offers the ability to upgrade to RTK-level guidance with Case IH RTK+ for sub-inch pass-to-pass accuracy.

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