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Toews Family Take Home $1,000 in Case IH Tools after Winning RME 2019 Seeding Photo Contest

The Toews family is well known within the agriculture community surrounding Macgregor, Manitoba. As third generation farmers, Devin Toews farms with his two brothers, Dean and Darren, and their father through Toews Family Enterprises. A typical growing season will find the family producing a large variety of crops such as corn, soybeans, edible beans and wheat. They also provide local custom combining services,

which will typically run from August until December. Behind the camera of this prize winning photo is mother and wife, Sonya Toews. She says one of her favourite things about agriculture is the lifestyle. “Every season has beauty as well as challenges. We work together as a team, tackling each challenge together as well as celebrating success along the way.” Sonya adds there is a pride in seeing a crop mature and going

into a harvesting season knowing how much work has been put into growing. According to Sonya, her three boys love helping their Grandfather on the farm with a special project, to ride along in a tractor or mow the lawn. Under the watchful eye of Devin, their oldest son has begun learning the tricks of the trade while running a farm. As for the other two boys, Sonya says only time will tell if they decide to follow in their dad’s footsteps.

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