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The 2018 URE Journey // CASE Winner

Kim Boehm RME Winner


Kim Boehn RME Winner 2018

Kim Boehm runs a mixed farming and cattle operation in Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan. “At first, I wasn’t sure if it was actually real,” says Boehm, reflecting back to December 6, 2017 when he learned he’d won the CASE IH package of RME’s Ultimate Rocky Experience contest.

Part of the prize package was a  trip for the winners to Grand Island, Nebraska, where they visited the CASE IH Combine Plant and drove a brand new combine off the assembly line.

“We received the CASE SR 220 Skid Steer with a 72 inch bucket and low profile with cutting edge in mid-February,” says Boehm. “It sure makes all kinds of jobs, big and small, much easier. We’ve been able to clean pens and remove snow where we haven’t been able to in the past.”

Boehm also received the CASE IH Puma 185 CVT with loader bucket, but he hasn’t had the chance to use it yet. “We will certainly be putting it to good use in the spring though!”

“The additional equipment and services will help our farm tremendously. Seeding, spraying and harvest will all run smoother with the new equipment and RME’s Geomatics LiDAR surveying will continue to benefit our farm for years to come.”


“We’ve enjoyed meeting and working with the RME team. They’re an all-round great group of people!”

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