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The 2018 Ultimate Rocky Experience Journey // New Holland Winner

Chris Anders farms with his semi- retired father on a 2,300 acre  grain farm in Penhold, Alberta. On December 6, 2017, he received the call announcing him as the winnerof the New Holland package of the RME Ultimate Rocky Experience contest.

“When I received the winning call, I was shocked. I still feel very lucky,” says Anders. “I mean, what are the odds I would win?” In the first week of April, Anders will receive the New Holland T9.645 tractor, delivered to his farm.

The prize package is a big deal to Anders and the future of his farm. Specifically, he’s looking  forward to using the new sprayer since he historically hasn’t done his own spraying. “To be able to have a trial year without any cost is a great opportunity for me.” He explains. “I’ve been toying with the ideaof expanding our operation and maybe this is a way for me to do it.”

“We’ve enjoyed meeting and working with the RME team. They’re an all-round great group of people!”

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