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RME's #WellnessWesdnesday

Wellness Wednesday by RME

---Article originally sourced from RealAgriculture Radio host Shaun Haney

Small Steps to Managing Harvest Stress

Harvest is a very stressful time of year that requires immense mental and physical focus for long hours over several days. Balancing the needs of a harvest staff and family is quite the challenge and can weigh heavily on our minds and bodies. It’s at these times that we likely ignore the most important person to us — we ignore ourselves.

At the most busy and stressful times people often push aside the two things that would help them get through this period: physical activity and eating well. Your amount of physical activity and what you eat play a major role in the counter balance of harvest time stress.

“I’m too busy. I don’t have time. Exercise is for city people. On the farm, we work.”

Sound familiar? These are all things you may have said in relation to health and wellness while farming. By this reasoning, only lazy people are healthy because they have more time. This is not reality.

At RME we are on support of RealAgriculture's initiative to bring to you their episode of the RealAg Health and Wellness podcast which is led by Drumheller, Alta., farmer Gary Chambers and co-hosted by Shaun Haney. This podcast is not about living on a super restrictive diet and exercising two hours a day. This is about small, practical changes and improvements for people who live in a rural and farm setting.

Want to check out the first episode of many? Feel free to stream it on the left hand side of this blog article.


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