RME’s Commitment to Health and Safety

Rocky Mountain Equipment (RME) is committed to the protection and wellness of its employees, customers, physical assets, and the environment. There is nothing more important to RME than preventing unnecessary pain and suffering caused by workplace injuries.

RME provides our employees with a safe work environment through proper training and education. It is every employee’s responsibility to understand and participate in RME’s established policies and safe work procedures.

The Health and Safety program is the foundation on which each operational department is placed. Health and Safety is critical in ensuring RME’s success to becoming the largest Case IH dealership in North America, leading the dealership industry in everything we do. Our focus is simple; to achieve ZERO incidents in our workplace through efficient and safe work processes.

How do we achieve our goal of ZERO incidents? We stop and learn why the incident occurred, until we can’t ask why anymore. Then we change the process to apply our newfound knowledge and implement new or amended safe work procedures, with hope of preventing future incidents of similar nature.

RME promises to equip our workforce with tools and processes to support and promote efficient and safe work. Our model is simple. Stop, Think, and Act.

  • Stop – Ask yourself what could go wrong with the task. Play the tape to the end and identify hazards that have potential to cause injury to yourself or others

  • Think – Ask yourself if you have been trained to perform the task. If aren’t, then don’t do it. Ask yourself if you’re mentally and/or physically capable of performing the task, and that you have the right tools.

  • Act – Make it Safe. Use the right tools. Ask your manager to review the procedure with you. And finally…reduce the risk.RME is a dependable partner to our customer and employees, and we prides ourselves in having a user-friendly health and safety program that makes sense to our workers, giving them piece of mind that they will go home the same way they arrived. We realize the importance of accountability and managing safety.

RME is COR (Certified of Recognition) certified in all three provinces in which we operate. COR is an occupational health and safety accreditation program that verifies a fully implemented safety & health program that meets national standards. The process for receiving COR requires that an external audit be conducted and a minimum overall score of 80% for all 14 required sections on the national audit tool must be achieved, and a minimum 50% per section. Reflecting the efforts and dedication to the health and safety program from all our employees and managers, RME has exceeded the 80% in all three provinces for our 2014 COR Audit.

Effective health and safety management systems have been shown to have an impact on reducing injuries. Eliminating the social and financial effects of injuries can strengthen the business success of participating employers.

RME congratulates each branch for continued success in reaching our targets for our health and safety program. We look forward to continued growth and working to ensure ZERO incidents in our workplace for 2015.