At Rocky Mountain Equipment (RME) we strive to support organizations and communities where we live and work. Based on the goal of being a “dependable partner”, we look to support organizations whose values mostly reflect our own and organizations who contribute to the strengthening of the agricultural and construction industry.

To support community and sector growth, RME has selected three (3) key priority areas to make contributions:

  1. AGRICULTURE AND CONSTRUCTION ADVOCACY: RME supports the business of, or the advancement of the agriculture and construction industry.
       ✓ Local agricultural fairs or events
       ✓ Ag education events at schools
       ✓ Construction education events
       ✓ Skilled trades / education events
       ✓ Ag / Construction career awareness fairs or workshops
       ✓ Community environmental initiatives, eg. water conservation, soil quality etc.
       ✓ Ag innovation symposiums
       ✓ Equipment usage in kind  
  1.  SAFETY: RME supports education initiatives and services that contribute to safe communities and workplace environments.
    ✓ Primary or secondary school safety curriculum
       ✓ Skilled trades safety training or awareness
       ✓ Fundraising initiatives for local fire halls
       ✓ Ladies’ safety nights at RME dealerships 
  1. YOUTH DEVELOPMENT: RME supports initiatives that create opportunities for youth to build leadership skills that can contribute to the growth of the agriculture or construction industry.
    ✓ Youth scholarships focused on advancing agriculture, technology or construction
       ✓ Industry internships
       ✓ Youth attendance at 4-H leadership summits
       ✓ Sponsorship of community hockey arenas (benefits the entire community)

All funding applications are thoroughly reviewed, in a timely manner, by local branch committees as well as the corporate Community Investment Team.

Community Investment Request Form