By 2011, Rocky Mountain Dealerships operated 37 branches in three provinces, theoretically under three main brand names. In practice, many dealerships retained large portions of their pre-acquisition identity. A customer survey that we conducted in 2011 told us that even our customers were wondering why we operated so many different brands at the store level. Even beyond that, the company leadership knew we needed to create a strong brand identity – we wanted people to know more than WHO we were – we wanted them to know what we stood for.

In July of 2011, we appointed TAXI as our advertising Agency of Record. TAXI, Strategy Magazine’s Agency of the Decade, has an exceptional history of working with customers to find and promote the essence of their brand. Their successes include work with Telus, Koodo, WestJet and more. The task at hand was to draw out the character of the company; the set of attributes that our customers and employees held most highly.

A series of investigative interviews with former and current employees and customers made the brand position very clear for us. In a world of once-in-a-lifetime storms, both environmental and economic, we needed to be that partner who is there for our people and customers alike, anytime, anywhere. In a word, we needed to be dependable.

Armed with that information, late 2011 through early 2012 became the planning phases for the brand launch. In order to reflect “Dependable”, we made the decision to consolidate every store under a single name.  Rocky Mountain Equipment, a new take on an existing name, along with the bold red RME shield, will soon become the “face” of our company across Canada.  We will honor the proud history of our stores in a variety of ways as we go forward, and our people will carry that legacy with them, too. Although the name will be different, the reality of our relationships with customers will remain the same. It always has been, and always will be based on being that dependable partner our customers deserve.

More than just advertising text, colors and logos, the rebrand was also an opportunity for us to re-focus on our people and our values; to help refresh and solidify our culture. We created a new Mission, Vision, and Values and have shared them with every employee in our world.  These three things will do more than occupy plaques on dealership walls – they’ll guide us and inform our decisions as we progress over the next 10 years. 

We hope you see this new brand as positively as we do.

Rocky Mountain Equipment.
Dependable Is What We Do.